How do I send automated expiry reminder emails to my clients?

When creating your Collection, you are able to set the Collection to expire automatically on a certain date.  When the Collection “expires”, it will be set to “Hidden” status, and your clients will no longer be able to view their images.

With Auto Expiry Reminders you can notify your clients automatically by email when their gallery is about to expire. These emails can be sent automatically to specific clients, or to all guests who have viewed, downloaded, favourited, or made purchases through that Collection. These emails can also be customized to include the expiry date, Download PIN, and Passwords.

Where do I find Auto Expiry Reminder Email?

To create and customize your reminder emails, go to Settings > Collection Settings > Auto Expiry

Once you have entered and Saved the Auto Expiry date, click on Add expiry reminder email to edit your reminder email options. 

Editing your Auto Expiry Reminder Email

There are several options available for editing your reminder emails. Under the Settings tab, you can set up how many days before the Auto Expiry date you'd like the reminder to be sent, as well as who you would like to send the emails to.

If you are subscribed to one of our upgraded plans, you can select the option to send the reminder emails to any clients who have Registered, Downloaded, Favorited, and/or Purchased from this Collection, as well as manually entering any email addresses that you may wish to include.

To review or edit the content for your Email Reminders, click the Content tab. From here, you can review the Pixieset Default text, and add any further information/customization as needed. You can see any changes you make reflected in real time on the right-hand side of the Content window. You can also include the Download PIN, and Collection Password, by selecting these options at the bottom of the edit window.

Once you are happy with the email, click Save. You will see the reminder you have just set up appear under the Auto Expiry section.

You can continue to add additional expiry reminder emails by clicking on the + Add expiry reminder email link. You can create up to 3 reminders. 

Viewing your Sent Auto Expiry Reminder Emails

You can view the expiry reminder emails that have been sent by going to Settings > Collection Settings > Auto Expiry > View reminder email history.

You are able to review the Subject, the date sent, any Collection Settings that were included in the reminder email, and the recipients email address.

Troubleshooting guide:

My reminder emails are greyed out, what can I do? 

There are 3 potential reason that you may see your Auto Reminder emails greyed out/not active:

1. The Collection does not have an Auto Expiry Date set yet:

You can easily fix this by adding the Auto Expiry date and saving your changes. 

2. The Collection has not been Published:

You can easily fix this by Publishing the Collection. 

3. The Auto Expiry reminders do not currently have any recipients entered (no email addresses or activity sets have been selected):

You can easily fix this by clicking the Edit/pencil icon beside the Reminder emails, and entering a client's email address, or selecting from the Activity Sets available for the Collection. 

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