How do I edit or remove a watermark?

You can edit or remove the watermarks you have created at any time. Simply click on the pencil edit icon or the delete icon under the Watermark.

Please note that any changes you make here will only be applied to photos uploaded using this watermark moving forward. If you would like the new watermark to be applied to existing photos in a gallery, you can do this on a collection by collection basis in the photo management panel.

Edit or Remove the Watermark for Existing Images in a Collection:

Go to the Collection and photo management view, select one or more images you’d like to make this change to, and select the “Watermark” option under the More drop down menu.

Select the new watermark (or No Watermark to remove a watermark) you’d like to apply to these photos. Note that it will take some time for these photos will be reprocessed with the new watermark, these photos will be unavailable to view in the gallery during this time.

You can also choose to Apply this change to all photos in this collection. This will include all the photos in each of the sets in this collection. 

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