All you need to know about Price Sheets

Price Sheets are groups of Products that can be attached to a Collection. They define what Products are available for purchase from a Collection. For example, you can have one Price Sheet for wedding Collections, and another Price Sheet for newborn or senior Collections. When you create a new Collection, the Price Sheet that has been set as your default will be attached automatically.

If you are a new user, clicking on the Products tab will display a Sample Self-Fulfill Price Sheet, as well as a Sample Lab-Fulfill Price Sheet already created for you to work with. You can then add Products to the Price Sheet, edit the Price Sheet settings, or create a new Price Sheet altogether.

To Create a new Price Sheet:

1. Click on the +Add Price Sheet button at the top right corner.

2. Give it a name (Wedding Price Sheet, Newborn Price Sheet etc.) and choose a Fulfillment Option.

If you have chosen Lab Fulfillment with WHCC, ProDPI, Miller's, Mpix, or Loxley Colour, a list of Print products will be pre-populated for you based on a markup of 300% rounded to .00. You can easily edit this here. Read more about Products.

After you have created a Price Sheet, you can easily Edit, Delete or Duplicate (copy) the Price Sheet by clicking on those options beside the Price Sheet name.

3. Set the Markup for your Price Sheet, setting the markup allows your to make profit on the products you sell. You're able to directly set the Price for each individual item:

Or, you can select Bulk Markup, to adjust your pricing for all of the Lab Fulfillment products on your price sheet at the same time:

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