What are my fulfillment options?

When you are using the Store feature on Pixieset, there are two fulfillment options: Self-fulfillment and Lab-fulfillment. You will be able to make this choice when you create Price Sheets.

Self Fulfillment
For self-fulfillment orders, you as the photographer will be in charge of fulfilling the orders. You are responsible for ordering prints from your own preferred lab and then arranging shipping to your clients. This is a great option for photographers who wants to take full control of the fulfillment process.

Many pro labs, such as Nations Lab and BayPhoto, offer drop-shipping. This means that you can place the order through them and have the products shipped to your clients directly.

Lab Fulfillment (available with WHCC, ProDPI, Miller's, Mpix, and Loxley Colour)
Lab fulfillment is an automated process in which everything from placing orders to shipping to your clients is handled for you. Once an order has been placed by your client, we automatically place an order and send the original images for you to the chosen lab. You and your client will be notified once the order has been shipped. This is a great way for photographers to sell prints while being hands-off on the fulfillment process.

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