How do I Watermark my photos?

How do I add a watermark?

Adding a Watermark is one of the ways to protect your photos online. You can watch a video tutorial about Watermarks by scrolling to the bottom of this page, or by clicking here. You can upload a custom watermark image by going to Options > Watermark. You can upload PNG, JPG or GIF files.

After you have uploaded your image, you can click on Preview & Setting to see a preview of your watermark on a reference image, as well as adjust the position and opacity of your watermark.

When you create a collection, you can turn on/off the watermark individually for each Collection on the Upload Screen. Any watermark setting change will only apply to photos uploaded going forward. It does not change the images you have already uploaded.

What size and format should my watermark be in?

We recommend uploading a PNG file with transparent background up to a maximum width of 1600px. The preview shown is a sized-down version of your watermark proportionate to a 1600x1066 (typical four by six).  

In another words, the best way to prepare your watermark is to:
1) Create a landscape 4x6 canvas in PhotoShop or your preferred photo editing software,
2) Resize it down to 1600px width,
3) Create your watermark using this image as reference,
4) Trim the background blank space so that only your watermark is left in the file.

What happens when I order prints via Lab Fulfillment?

Your prints will not have a watermark on it. When an order is placed for prints on a watermarked image, we send in the Original image with no watermark to the Lab.

Will my watermark show up on images downloaded?

When you use the Download feature, High Resolution and Original photos will not have watermarks on it. This allows you to watermark your display photos while delivering digital files without any watermarks. On the other hand, Web Size downloads will be watermarked.

Collection Download:
Web Size - Watermarked
High Resolution - No watermark
Original - No watermark

Individual Photo Download:
Web Size - Watermarked
High Resolution - No watermark
Original - No watermark

How do I remove my Watermark from my Images?

Once you have uploaded images into your Collection with the Watermark feature turned, on the only way to remove the Watermark is to delete the images and upload them back into the Collection. 

Deleting or Turning Off the Watermark feature only applies to images and Collections uploaded after the change. If you wish to adjust any images uploaded before, you will need to delete them from your Pixieset and upload them again. This also applies for images you wish to apply Watermarks to. 

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