Where can I customize the Download settings?

Download settings can be customized for each Collection. Go to the Collection and click on the Collection Settings tab > Download. You will be able to customize the Gallery Download as well as Single Photo Download settings, as well as see the Advanced Options

Download Status

Changing Download Status from "On" to "Off" will update the settings for the entire Collection, including Single Photo Download, and no downloads will be available for the Collection going forward. 

Download PIN

The Download PIN is an automatically generated 4-digit PIN that is by default enabled for the Collection for your security and for tracking purposes. If the PIN is "On", it will be required for clients to access both Gallery Download and Single Photo Download by default. If the PIN is "Off", it is not required for either Gallery Download or Single Photo Download.  If you set the PIN to "Off", and then change it to "On", this will automatically regenerate the 4-digit PIN, and the previous PIN will no longer be valid. If you "Reset PIN", the current PIN will immediately stop working as well. 

Gallery Download

The Gallery Download setting can be customized based on which resolution you would like to offer your clients. Gallery Download can be disabled, while leaving the Single Photo Download available for clients using the "On" or "Off" setting. The Gallery Download is available in Original (with all upgraded accounts), High Resolution, and Web Size (640px, 1024px, and 2048px); you are able to offer all of the available resolutions to your client, and they can access the download by selecting the different resolutions individually. 

Single Photo Download

Single Photo Download can be disabled using the "On" or "Off" option, and is available in the same resolutions as Gallery Download: Original (with all upgraded accounts), High Resolution, and Web Size (640px, 1024px, and 2048px). You are also able to disable the requirement for the download PIN for Single Photo Download, and disable Email Tracking (clients would not be required to enter either the 4-digit PIN or their email address if these options are disabled). 

What Settings can I Customize?

Restrict to Specific Emails

Allows you to restrict Gallery Downloads to only the email addresses entered in the form.

Example: If I enter 'john@gmail.com' into the form, only this email address will be allowed to download the collection.

Any email address that does not match the one in the download settings will not be able to download the collection. If you have the Download PIN required, clients will need to enter both the email address as well as the Download PIN in order to download the Collection (both settings are optional).

Gallery Download Limit

Allows you to limit the number of times the collection can be downloaded. If Email Restriction is on, then each email address can use the Download PIN up to the specified Download Limit.

Example: if the Download limit is set at '5', then 'john@gmail.com' can use the Download PIN 5 times.

Restrict Download for Photo Sets

Allows you to determine which Sets within a Collection are allowed to be Downloaded by your clients. Only Sets set as “Available” will be available for download by the client.  A 4-digit PIN is still required (if the PIN setting is enabled for the Collection).  Learn more about Sets for download.

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