How to Setup Order Delay

Order Delay allows you to review your client orders before they are sent to the lab for fulfillment, or before digital download orders are processed. Once the client makes a purchase, your order can be put on hold from 1 to 7 days depending on your Store Checkout setting. While the order is in Order Delay status, you can add boutique packaging for the order, edit, crop, or replace photo for each order item. 

Note: Order Delay is OFF by default and is applied to lab orders and digital download orders.  Any changes to the Order Delay will be applied to new orders moving forward. 

How do I set it up?

In your Pixieset dashboard under the Store Tab, click on Checkout.  You can select how many days you would like the order to sit in a holding queue before it is automatically sent to the lab for fulfillment. Remember to Save Changes.

How do I review the order?

When your client purchases an order you will receive a Notification about the new order. You can review the new order under the Store tab > Orders.  The newest order will appear at the top of the list with an 'Order Delay' status.

What can I do with this order?

When you click through to view the order you will have the option to:
  • send the order to lab immediately
  • add boutique packaging
  • replace the image
  • edit the crop
If the order contains photographic print products up to and including 11" x 14", you will see the option to Add Boutique Packaging.

If you are happy with the order, you can click on 'Send Order' to submit the order.  If you don't do anything with the order, it's okay!  The order will be automatically processed at the end of the order delay period.  You will not be able to make any changes once the order is sent or once the order delay has expired.

How do I edit the Photo?

If you want to edit the crop, simply click on Edit Crop.  You can also click on Replace Photo to upload a new image.

This only applies for lab-fulfilled products. With self-fulfilled products, you are able to download, edit, and crop the photo yourself before sending it to the lab of your choice.

Note: New photos being uploaded will require time to process. If your image is in the 'Processing' state and the upload bar has completed it means that your image has successfully uploaded and you simply have to wait.

Additional Information

If you also include and offer your clients Digital Downloads on your Store, if you are using the Order Delay feature. The Digital Download link will not be sent out until the Order Delay period completes, or you release the Order from the Order Delay period. 

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