My client has not received the Email Invite

Status Pending

After you have clicked "Send", you can scroll down to the Email Invite History to see the status of the email invite. If the status is "Pending", it means that our system is still working on sending the email invite. The email can take up to a couple of minutes to be sent. Once the email has been sent, the status will be updated to "Sent".

Status Sent

If your client has not received the email invitation and the email invite status is "Sent", there could be a couple of reasons:
  • The email invitation has been delivered but it could have landed in the clients' junk/spam folder.  Your client can mark the invitation as 'not spam' to prevent future invitations getting filtered as spam.
  • The email has been delivered to the destination email server, and it is up to the your email service provider to deliver it to your mailbox. In this scenario, you might simply have to wait.

Status Rejected

A 'bounce' means that the email was rejected by the mail server of the recipient. There could be many different reasons why an email but be rejected, and we can categorize them into two main groups:

Soft Bounce

A soft bounce typically means that there is a temporary delivery issue to an email address. Although there are a number of reasons that a soft bounce might occur, the most common reasons are:
  • Recipient email server is down
  • Mailbox is full
  • Message is too large

Hard Bounce

A hard bounce indicates that there is a permanent issue and the email is undeliverable. Although there are a number of reasons that a hard bounce might occur, the most common reasons are:
  • Invalid recipient email address
  • Invalid domain name
  • Recipient email server has completely blocked email delivery

DIY Personal Invite

Alternatively you can email your client a direct link to the collection URL which is found under the Share > Get Direct Link

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