How do I view my client's favorites in Lightroom? (Lightroom Copy List)

For Lightroom users, the Lightroom Copy List will make the process of finding your client's favorites a lot easier. This feature will create a list of all the images in your Favorite list formatted perfectly for Lightroom's search function. Simply copy the list, paste it into Lightroom's search and Lightroom will instantly pull up all the images (given that the images are in your Lightroom Library). 

How do I use the Lightroom Copy List?

1) Click on the Export Filenames button, and select Lightroom Copy List when you are viewing the favorites.

2) Once the popup opens, you will see a formatted list of all the images from the Favorite list. Select the text in the text box and copy the list onto your clipboard, or simply click on the Copy button.

3) Open up Lightroom and select Library > Find from the menu

4) Make sure the following setting is chosen: "Any Searchable Field" and "Contains" are chosen.

5) Paste the pre-formatted list of filenames into the Library search box. Lightroom will then quickly pull up all the images matching the filenames listed. Once you have found the images, you can create a new catalogue and proceed with editing and retouching on them.

Why is The Lightroom Copy List Bringing Up Additional Images?

When you use the "Contains" filter while searching, Lightroom will pull up the specified sequence, including partial sequence for the filenames. If you are searching for IMG_1, for example, IMG_101 might come up as well. Our recommendation in this case is to start your file naming at 001 or 0001 to prevent this from happening.

Lightroom Help / Finding photos in the catalog

Please Note:

If you use virtual copies when editing images, and export these virtual copies, the lightroom copy list will not pull the virtual copies up. This is because Lightroom will only give the virtual copies a unique naming structure upon export, where within Lightroom, they will be masked under the original filename. If you use virtual copies, you will want to be sure to double check and make sure all images are selected. 

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