Can I accept Offline Payments like check, cash, bank wire etc?

Pixieset Store allows you to accept payments by credit card through Stripe, or through PayPal, or you can arrange alternative payment methods with your clients when you choose to set up the Offline Payment feature. When Offline Payment is turned on, your clients will have the ability to pay you in person either by cash, check, email transfer or any other preferred alternative payment method you have arranged with them. 

Note: This feature is only available with an upgraded Account.

How to enable Offline Payments

To enable Offline Payment, simply go to Store > Checkout and change your Offline Payment status to On. Once Offline Payment is turned on, you have the option of including payment instructions for your clients.

When an order has been placed

1. You will be notified when an order is placed and you can view your orders by going to Store > Orders. The status of Offline Payment orders will read “Payment Pending”. 

 2. When you have received payment from your client, press the Mark Paid button on your dashboard to process the order. Note: The order will not be processed until you confirm receipt of payment by clicking ‘Mark Paid’.

3. Once the order is 'Mark Paid', your credit card will be charged for the cost of goods sold (if order contains lab fulfilled items) and the lab fulfilled portion will be sent to the lab for processing. Digital Downloads will be processed immediately by Pixieset. 

*If order delay is enabled, it will still apply. The lab fulfilled and digital download items will go into order delay after you have 'Mark Paid'.*

What will my clients see?

If your clients do not wish to pay by credit card, they can click the offline payment option. The payment instructions will be shown and they can hit "Place Order" to place the order!

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