When Will My Credit Card Be Charged?

When will my on file credit card be charged from Pixieset, and why?

Subscription Accounts

If you have upgraded your account, and opted in for the monthly subscription payments, then on the same day of every month Pixieset will pull the fee for your subscription from your credit card that is on file. 

If you have upgraded your account, and opted in for the yearly subscription payments, then once yearly, on the same day, your account will be charged to continue your subscription service. The yearly subscriptions are all automatically renewed. 

Lab Fees

If you have supplied your customer with a coupon to use during checkout, which brings the total of the transaction below the cost of Cost of Good's Sold, then we will need to pull the remainder from your credit card to pay for the Lab Fees. 

e.g. The total of the order came to $10.00, however, the cost of the COGS came to $20.00. We will need to pull the remaining $10.00 from your credit card to send to the Lab to pay for the prints and shipping. 

If you are using our Store, and you have set your Price Sheets to be displayed in a different currency from the Lab of your choice, i.e. CAD instead of USD. Then we will deposit the entire transaction into your account, and pull the COGS off of your credit card. 

Boutique Packaging 
If you have decided to go the extra mile for your clients, and add boutique packaging to their Order, then we will charge your credit card. We are not able to pull the money for the boutique packing from your transaction as it was not an original item. 

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