Why do my uploaded images look different on Pixieset or Mobile?

If you can see a variation between the colours of your images from your computer and Pixieset, or from Pixieset to your Mobile Device, this usually means that your images have been saved in the incorrect colour space. 

We strongly suggest that you save your images in the sRGB colour space. This is because sRGB can be fully supported throughout computers, mobile devices, browsers, and printers. Any colour space above sRGB (RGB, AdobeRGB, or ProPhotoRGB) are very large colour spaces, and unfortunately are not fully supported by most systems. 

When exporting your images from Lightroom be sure to check that your Export Settings are set to the sRGB colour space and when working and saving in Photoshop, also be sure to check your colour settings are also set to sRGB. 

If your images are in the sRGB colour space and you are still experiencing the colour variation between your desktop and mobile collections views contact Support at support@pixieset.com.

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