Why was there a fee charged on my order?

If your client has used a coupon to bring down the total of sale to $0, you might be still responsible for the cost incurred in prints production and shipping (lab-fulfillment orders), and/or responsible for paying the commission fee (Free account).
  • This is a lab-fulfillment order: For all lab-fulfilment orders, the cost of prints and shipping are collected at time of sale and forwarded to the lab. Normally, this is deducted directly from the order. However, if there is not enough money to cover the cost, the difference will be charged on your credit card on file.
  • You are using the Free account: All sales done on the Free account are subject to 15% commission fee. This fee is charged on the subtotal before shipping, taxes, and coupons are applied. There are no commission fees charged on any of the upgraded accounts. If selling is a major part of your workflow, we recommend upgrading to avoid this fee. Our Basic Plan starts at $8 a month on an annual commitment.

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