How do I Share the Gallery With My Client?

When your Collection is done and ready for delivery to your clients, Pixieset has a bunch of great built in features for sharing your Collections directly with your client! 

How do I Share My Collection? 

To use the built in sharing options with Pixieset, you will need to login to the Collection you would like to Share, and click the "Share" button. (The Collection will need to be Published first, before it can be shared). After clicking Share, you will be able to select from any of the available options that best fit your needs; Collection Email Invite, Get Collection Link, Social Media Sharing, or direct them to your Pixieset Homepage!  

What are My Sharing Options?

Collection Email Invite

The Collection Email Invite feature allows you to create a customizable email to send directly to your client with direct access and information on how to enter their Collection. You can include important information, such as the Collection Password, and Digital Download PIN with the click of a button! 

Find out more about creating Custom Email Invite Templates here

Get Collection Link 

Additionally, if you would like to create your own email, or share the Collection over an alternative method of communication, then you can easily access and copy the direct Collection link. 

Social Media 

You are also able to share directly to your Social Media accounts. You're able to choose from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus. If you are looking to show off the Collection, or reach a large group of clients - for example, after shooting an event, then sharing on Social Media is a great way to inform everyone at once! 

Pixieset Homepage

All your Published Public Collections are available on your Pixieset Homepage! You can easily direct your clients to your Pixieset Homepage and have them access and enter their Collection from there!  

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