What are my Privacy options for Collections / How do I make a Collection Private?

At Pixieset, we value the security and protection of yours and your clients images. We have created multiple security options that allow you to protect and keep your clients images private. To access the Privacy Features per a collection, go to Collection Settings > Privacy > and adjust as needed. Here you will find the Collection Password, Homepage Visibility, and Client Exclusive Access.

Collection Password

The Collection Password allows you to add a password to the full collection. To gain access to the collection, the password will need to be entered correctly before you're able to view and access the images. 

Homepage Visibility

Your Collections are accessible from your Client Access Portal, on your Pixieset Homepage. You are able to choose which Collections are displayed and accessible from your Homepage by adjusting the Homepage Visibility, to either "hide" or "show" the collection. In addition to hiding a Collection, you can also password protect your Homepage for extra security, read more about doing this here

Client Exclusive Access

Client Exclusive Access allows you to create two unique logins, one for your Client, and one for their Guests. The Client Login, allows you to add special permissions to the images, such as allowing you to set certain Collections to be hidden to your clients only, as well as even allowing your clients to mark some images private from their guests, that may be more personal. 

Video Tutorial 

Check out this helpful video tutorial going over Password and Privacy options; how to set them up; as well as see what the client will experience on their end. 

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