How does my client add a note or a comment on a photo?

Adding a note or a comment on an image is a great way for clients to communicate specific photo requests with you. Clients are able to add a note to any image that is in their Favorite list. You can view the note when you are viewing the images in the Collection's Favorite Activities page.

Adding a Note

Clients can access their Favorited photos by clicking on the heart icon at the top right corner of the gallery. When they are in the Favorite photos view, they will see an "Add Note" button when they hover over an image. Simply click on the button, type in the note, and click Save.

Viewing Client Notes

As the photographer, you can view the notes on photos in the Favorites Activities tab. Simply click into Favorite list, and you should see the notes left by client beside each photo.

If you don't want clients to add notes to images in their Favorite lists, you can disable this option on the Favorite Settings page. 

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