I suggest you ...

Have the possibility to change language for client space.

The majority of my clients are french speaking people so it would be easier for them and look more professional for me if we would have the possibility to change the language interface.

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    AudreyAudrey shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Italian please ... that would help reaching more people.

      • DiegoDiego commented  · 

        Spanish !!!

      • ppdixppdix commented  · 

        Spanish please.

      • ChristofChristof commented  · 

        German would be verry helpful for my clients!

      • Jinuk LeeJinuk Lee commented  · 

        Any supporters for asian languages?
        Korean Please! :)

      • TamásTamás commented  · 

        Hungarian please

      • AlexAlex commented  · 

        +1 on the French translation. As someone said earlier, i would also volunteer to translate French key/values. I don't know which technology you're using, but because i have an IT background, if by any chance you're running on Ruby on Rails, look into localeapp ( or your language equivalent ) it makes translation easy. Thank you

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        German langauage would be perfect! Maybe translation could be done also by us own...

      • Ingo CordesIngo Cordes commented  · 

        Mulit-Language would be perfect. I would volunteer to translate into German.

      • RonnyRonny commented  · 

        German would be awesome ;-)
        Maybe a light version of translation. Only client space, maybe even without shopping, just the galleries? Some strings for do-it-yourself-translation would also be welcome as a first step!

      • SabinaSabina commented  · 

        My vote is for Swedish as well :)

      • MarleneMarlene commented  · 

        Portuguese will be great! I like Pixieset but this feature is crucial!


      • MickeMicke commented  · 

        This would be awesome!

        Swedish! :)

      • John GallianoJohn Galliano commented  · 

        Norwegian. OR at least enable option to self-translate everything. Especially fulfillments and print sheets descriptions etc. Hard to sell to clients through English as it seems sketchy.

      • DMLDML commented  · 

        Español por favor. Spanish please. This is really preventing me from using your service to deal with my customers in Spain. Do we have an estimate or the timeframe or even a hint on whether you're considering this proposal or not?

      • kaka commented  · 

        Spanish please

      • AdrianAdrian commented  · 

        Please translate the back- and frontend into German. Clients would appreciate it.
        Any plans therefore?

      • RemoRemo commented  · 

        German! Otherwise this service is actually not very useful in Germany, Switzerland and Austria!

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