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Have the possibility to change language for client space.

The majority of my clients are french speaking people so it would be easier for them and look more professional for me if we would have the possibility to change the language interface.

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    AudreyAudrey shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • LucieLucie commented  · 

        Another vote for french language support, please!! not for me; but a lot of my older clients have complained!!

      • VictoriaVictoria commented  · 

        Another vote for the option to have select collections in another language (French).

      • Mathilde DufraisseMathilde Dufraisse commented  · 

        Another vote for french language !! Please ! :-)
        If you need some help to translate, I can help you ;-)

      • Daniel DaeppenDaniel Daeppen commented  · 

        The galleries look great, but without the possibility to change the language to german or french, its pretty useless for me... what a pity. Thanks anyway

      • Łukasz GrabskiŁukasz Grabski commented  · 

        Yes. Multiple languages plus other payment systems besides Stripe (PayPal is the largest I think) and you will expanding very fast globally.

      • MerakiMeraki commented  · 

        brazilian clients have complained! support other languages...portuguese, spanish...maybe an option to translate the word to whatever you want...and don't forget the collection mail template...so you can translate that...

      • GustavoGustavo commented  · 

        another vote for other languages support..please!!! im from brazil(portuguese)...

      • contactcontact commented  · 

        Another vote for french support please!

      • Josef GlatzJosef Glatz commented  · 

        Multi Language Support, please! Otherwise I have to choose an alternative competitor. I can also contribute language strings for german & hungarian. Cheers

      • lesley albalesley alba commented  · 

        spanish!!! spanish speaking clients have complained!!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        At least give us the option to translate the basic stuff ourselves, like the Open button and the date.

      • LaurentLaurent commented  · 

        Why not letting us change words used in the front end as we like in the Back-office ?

      • DawidDawid commented  · 

        Polish please :) Im wondering how bying prints function would work. What kind of company would print Photographers work and send to clients

      • CagdasCagdas commented  · 

        I am living in a non-English speaking country. My clients speak Turkish. And I wish I could change some parts of the site. Like editing my email template, some stuff on client gallery page etc...

        I know that Pixieset's design includes minimal words. So that's a plus for this issue I believe. It'd be great if we can change those specific parts (let's say "Date", "Click Here to Open", "Share", "Wording in Email Template", etc) manually.

      • YGDYGD commented  · 

        It is right, many french people won't buy anything if the website is not in French, they will feel lost. :-( please let us know when this function will be available.
        Thanks in advance. Best regards. YGD

      • FredFred commented  · 

        We NEED this. I can't use Pixieset without THIS !

      • YasmimYasmim commented  · 

        Yep, multi language & portuguese, please!

      • KlausKlaus commented  · 

        Same here, local language would help a lot (just talking about the client back end).

        Please let me know if I can be of any help (in German). Would be a pleasure!

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