How do I create email templates?

Email templates are pre-created text emails that can be saved to your Account and customized as needed. By customizing this text ahead of time and creating new email templates, you will save time when you email your clients through Pixieset!

Email templates can be used to Share your Collection with your clients, to remind clients that their Collection is about to expire, and to share Gift Cards. You can customize each of these email templates easily, to best suit your needs.

Sharing Emails

When sharing your Collection with your clients, you are able to use Pixieset’s existing email templates, or create a new template. Information including the Collection password (and/or Client-Exclusive Access password), Download PIN, and Expiry Date can all be included so that your clients have all the information they need to view, download, and share their gallery.

More information about how to customize your Sharing Email can be found here:

Email Defaults

You are able to edit and manage your Email Defaults in the Options panel, by going to Account > Options > Email Defaults. By clicking the pencil icon to the right of the Default name you are able to edit the template subject line, as well as the body text.

The two Email Defaults that you have access to are:
1. Auto Expiry Reminder Emails

When creating your Collection, you are able to set it to expire automatically on a certain date. With Auto Expiry Reminders you can notify your clients automatically by email when their gallery is about to expire. These emails can be sent automatically to specific clients, or to all guests who have viewed, downloaded, favourited, or made purchases through that Collection. These emails can also be customized to include the expiry date, Download PIN, and Passwords.

More information about how to customize your Auto Expiry Reminder emails can be found here.

2. Gift Card Sharing Emails

Once you have created Gift Cards, you are able to share them with your clients via customizable email. This option can be found through your Pixieset Store, only after a Gift Card has been created.

You can learn more about creating your gift card and sending it by email to your clients here:

If you have made changes to your Email Templates and wish to revert back to the Pixieset Default Template while in the edit window, you can do so by clicking the three dots icon at the top right of the screen and select Restore Pixieset Default.

Auto Expiry Reminder Emails and Gift Card Sharing Emails both include Dynamic Text in the subject line, and body of the email, which you can see as text within the {  } brackets. This Dynamic Text will autofill your Collection Name, Days before Expiry Date, and the Collection Expiry Date in all Auto Expiry emails, and the Gift Card amount for all Gift Card Sharing emails.

If you have made adjustments to your template and have removed this information, you can re-insert it by copying the Dynamic Text information icon at the bottom of the edit window, and copy the text (including the { } brackets), and pasting it into the subject or body text of your template. 

For more information on how to Share emails, check out this article:

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