How do I set an expiry date to the gallery?

Each of your Pixieset Collections can have an optional Auto Expiry Date. When the Collection “expires”, it will be set to “Hidden” status, and your clients will no longer be able to view their images. This does not delete the Collection, or remove it from your Pixieset account, but simply changes the Status from "Published" where it is visible to your clients, to "Hidden". 

To add an “Auto Expiry” date to any of your Pixieset Collections through your Collection Settings, go to Collection > Collection Settings > Auto Expiry.

All Collections with an Auto Expiry date will expire at 11:59pm your local time on the date you’ve set. 

You can re-publish the Collection at any time by returning to your Collection Settings, changing the Auto Expiry date, and setting the Collection status to “Published”.

You can send your clients an automatic reminder email before their Collection expires by setting up an automated expiry reminder email.

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