How does Automated Sales Tax work?

If you are based in the United States, the sales tax you need to collect will depend on the state, county and district level tax rules. To help you handle the potential complication, we have partnered with TaxJar to offer the option of automatically calculating taxes based on the business address and the shipping address at time of purchase.

By entering your business location, or locations where you have nexus in, your Store orders will automatically be charged the correct amount of sales tax based on the location’s tax requirements (including the rules for taxes on Digital Downloads and Shipping), and your client’s shipping address.

This option is available for US only.

To set up Automatic Sales Tax, go to Store > Taxes > Get Started

Enter the State and Zip Code for your primary Business Location.

If you have more than one Business Location, you can add each location using + Add business location.

That’s it! Your Pixieset Store is now set up to automatically collect Sales Tax based on your location, and tax will be calculated automatically at checkout for your client’s Shipping Address.

You can see the breakdown of the Sales Tax calculated on your client’s order through your Store Dashboard by going to Store > Orders > View, and then clicking Tax.

When it’s time to report your taxes, you’ll find a full report of what you’ve collected under Tax Report.

Can I switch back to collecting Sales Tax manually?

Absolutely! You are able to control the Taxes for your Store and make changes at any time. Go to Store > Taxes > Settings and select Manual to change your Tax Settings. Any previous Tax Rates you had set up will be available, or if you had not set anything previously, you can add the new Tax rate you’d like to charge.

Select Manual instead of Automatic, and confirm your change to proceed.

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