I'm seeing error messages when I upload.

Have you tried using the Flash Uploader?

On the photo upload page, you will find a link at the bottom of the page that says 'Switch to Flash uploader'. This is our secondary uploader powered by Adobe Flash. Give this a try to see if you are still seeing upload messages.

Use Google Chrome

We generally recommend using Google Chrome. It is the leading browser among the modern ones. We generally optimize for Google Chrome first following with Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Still not working...
We try not to repeat ourselves but this mistake is very common - please make sure the photo you are trying to upload is in JPEG format, and less than 50MB each.

If the files comply with the size and format, and it is still showing error messages, it could be due to a network issue. There may have been temporary disruptions in the connection, we would suggest to try the upload again and in smaller batches. This is usually the case if only some of the images failed to upload.

If you cannot get anything to upload, or all of the images are returning as error. Please try the same with a different browser. We support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox the best, but there could still be small glitches depends on the browser version you use.

If the above did not work, or you just want to speak to someone, please send us an email at . Please detail your situation and what you have already tried - this will help us to help you faster!

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