All you need to know about Products

Products are the items you would like to sell in your print store. All products have to be assigned to a Price Sheet, which will be applied to a Collection. Find out more about Price Sheets here.

For Self-fulfillment Photographers:

Create a self-fulfillment Price Sheet.
1. Go to the Products tab in your Store and click on +Add Price Sheet, select Self Fulfillment in the pop up window.

2. Click on the Add Product button at the top right. 

3. Select a product type (example: Print). You will see a pop-up window which allows you to enter all the details about your new product.

4. Fill in the Name of the Product (this can be as specific as you want - ideally you want to make sure the client knows exactly what they will be getting, keep in mind that you will be fulfilling these orders yourself, you can take the description directly from your own fulfillment company.)

5. Fill in the Price, and whether you want to charge extra shipping for this product. Extra shipping amount will be added to the default shipping costs you have specified under Shipping.

6. Click Save, and you have created a product!

Note: Self-Fulfillment Print Products that are created with a 'Digital' Category label will not be delivered automatically when Ordered. Self-Fulfillment Print Products categorized as 'Digital' will need to be provided to the Client manually, outside of Pixieset. If you wanted to sell Digital Downloads, check out our guide on that here


For Lab-fulfillment Photographers:

If you have chosen Lab Fulfillment with WHCC, ProDPI, Miller's, Mpix, or Loxley Colour then a list of Print and Canvas products will be pre-populated for you based on a markup of 300% rounded to .00. You can easily adjust this.

1. This is what you will see as your new Lab Fulfillment price sheet. You can edit the price of items individually, apply a bulk markup, or add other products from the lab that have not already been added.

2. To apply a bulk markup to the items, click on the Bulk Markup button, set a percentage markup and how you want it round up. To edit the price of individual products, click on the edit icon next to the product.

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