Collection Management Panel at a Glance

This is your collection overview page. Here you can manage all your collections, add a new collection, or manage your Store and other settings.

Click into a collection, you will see the Collection Management panel:


The header shows the Collection Name, Date of the event, and the Status of the Collection. You can click on the little pencil icon to edit these.

Cover Photo:

This is the "featured" photo that serves as the "cover" of your collection. It spans across the entire screen and is the first thing client will see when they are sent to the collection. You can update this by uploading a new photo (click on Change Cover), or click on an existing photo and make it the cover (Select image > More > Make Cover). You will also get to choose a cover template on the next apge.

You can categorize photos within a collection via Sets. For example, for a Wedding Collection, you can have Sets: Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception etc. 
The different set names will appear in the navigation bar for easy access.

This is where you can update Collection information, add/change Password, Download, Favorite, Share and Store price sheet information.

Under Activity you are able to view the Download and Favorite activities for this collection.

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