All you need to know about Shipping

Shipping: Lab Fulfillment

If you choose to set up your Store with Lab Fulfillment, you do not have to set up shipping methods for your Store, as each of our partner Labs have already set up the available options. Your client will only be able to select the shipping methods available based on your selected Lab at checkout. It's important to note that the shipping lead times quoted by the Lab's do not include the required time for the Lab to print and process Orders. Shipping lead times begin once the Order has been completed and shipped out by the Print Lab. 

Shipping: Self Fulfillment

You must set up your Store with your preferred shipping methods before you can start selling. You will only be able to sell to countries that you have created a shipping method for. If you have not set up a shipping method for Canada for example, your client will not be able to enter a Canadian Shipping Address at checkout. 

Setting up a Shipping Method:

1. Go to Store > Shipping > +Add Shipping Method to get started.

2. Name your Shipping Method:
This is what the clients will see when they are picking a shipping method. Make sure you are clear on what you are offering. Ideally you should include the Company you are using (i.e. FedEx, USPS etc.), and the type of delivery method (Ground, Priority Mail etc.).  We suggest getting this information from the shipping company's website so you get the exact wording correct.

3. Flat Fee per Order:
Specify a Shipping rate you would like to charge per order. This is added to the total of the order regardless of the amount, weight, and size. You will be able to charge extra shipping for specific products as well, if you need to cover additional costs. This is specified when you create a product, read more here.

4. Country shipped to:
Specify which Country you would like to apply this shipping method for. This shipping method will show up as an option anytime a client specifies an address that matches that country. If you select "Ship to international", any time a client's country does not match to any of the other shipping methods you have specified, they will see this option.

5. Click Save and you will see this Shipping Method has been added to the list. Click Add to create a new one, or duplicate existing methods and make minor adjustments.

Note that you will ONLY be able to ship to the countries you have specified in your shipping method.

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