All you need to know about Taxes

Depending on your local tax requirements, you may need to charge sales tax on the items being sold in your Pixieset Store. Under Store > Taxes, you can create tax rules for the countries and state/provinces where you sell to. You might need to register with the appropriate tax authority to file and remit the sales tax collected. If you are unfamiliar with how sales tax works, you should always check with tax professionals to ensure you are collecting and remitting correctly.

There are two ways to collect taxes on your Pixieset Store: Automated Sales Tax or Manual Tax Rates.

Option 1: Automated Sales Tax (US Only)

We’ve partnered with TaxJar to provide automatic tax calculations for your Pixieset Store Orders. Using your business location and your clients’ shipping addresses, we will charge the correct State, County and District taxes for each Order automatically using the latest up-to-date tax rates provided by TaxJar. Simply turn it on and all the calculations will be handled for you. If you’re located in the US, this is the recommended method to collect taxes from your clients.

Option 2: Manual Tax Rates

If you are located outside of the US or you would prefer to set up your own tax rates, you can use the Manual tax system, which allows you to enter tax rates on a Country and State level. Tax rates are calculated based on the customer's Shipping Address. This option gives you full control over your tax rates.

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