Setting up your Store

To start setting up your store to sell prints, go to the Store tab on your photographer's dashboard. The Get Started page will guide you through all the steps which must be completed before you can turn on your Store. 

Choose a Payment Gateway 

You will need to set up and connect a Payment Gateway in order to start accepting payments and get paid. You can choose between four methods; Stripe, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Offline Payment.

More info on Stripe can be found here.
More info on Apple Pay can be found here.
More info on PayPal can be found here.
More info on Offline Payment can be found here.   

Setup Price Sheets

Go to the Products tab to set up Price Sheets and add the products you'd like to sell. If you are a new user, you will see some Sample Price Sheets, already set up for you to work with.
More about Products
More about Price Sheets

Add Tax Rules

Go to the Taxes tab to add tax rates for each country/state/provinces you would like to charge sales tax in.
More about Taxes

Add Shipping Methods (Self-Fulfillment)

If you have a self-fulfillment price sheet, go to Shipping tab to set up shipping methods. You must have at least one Shipping Method for each country you wish to sell to. If you are adding Self Fulfill Items to a Lab Fulfillment Pricesheet you must enter the shipping cost in the “Extra Shipping” field when you create the Self Fulfill product. You DO NOT have to set up shipping if you choose fulfillment through our partnered lab.
More about Shipping

Turning Store ON

Now you are ready to turn your store ON and start selling! Note that collections created before your store is set up will have Store OFF by default. You can turn it on by going to each collection and update this in Store Settings.
More about How to Turn Store On

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