All you need to know about Orders

The Orders tab under Store is where you can view all the orders placed on your collections.

For Self-fulfillment, once a client has successfully completed and paid for an order, it will show up here as Pending, and you can change its status manually. Please note that at this point we do not support email notifications to clients for shipping of a Self-fulfillment order.

For Lab Fulfillment, the order can be Pending (the order was placed by the client), Processing (the order has been sent to lab), Lab Completed (the digital downloads have been fulfilled - if applicable, and the lab products have been shipped by the Lab), and Completed (the order has been completed and shipped).

You can search your orders by Order number, Customer name or Collection name, by entering in the field directly under the respective headings. 

You can also filter the list of orders by Pending Payment, Order Delay, Pending, Processing, Lab Completed, Completed, or Canceled. If you would like to see your full history of Store Orders, click on the green Export button to download a .CSV file of all of your orders.

Click on "View" beside each order to view the details of a specific order.

On the details page, you will see the billing and shipping address, shipping method, the products ordered, and the total amount.

For Lab Fulfillment orders, you will also be able to see the shipping method, boutique packaging (if applicable), tracking information (if applicable), and the Cost of Goods sold.

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