Lab Fulfillment: How will the images be cropped?

Through your Pixieset Store, you have the option to sell many print sizes and your photos will not fit every print size. When you order a print, your photo will most likely be cropped to fit the specific size. You will have the chance to adjust the crop before placing the order. After you have added the item to your cart, click View Cart > then Edit Crop to adjust and save the desired crop.

When adding an item into the shopping cart, you will see crop lines if your photo doesn't fit.

When you click on View Cart you will see a new view appear where you can select Edit Crop:

The Edit Crop screen will allow you to move the border of the print and decide where the crop should appear. This option will only be available if you are adding a print product to the Shopping Cart which is in a different aspect ratio than the selected image file. 

Some print products, like the Gallery Wrap canvas also have a border requirement to display a preview of where the image will wrap around the frame of the canvas. When these products are added to a Shopping Cart, extra wide crop lines will be displayed for the "wrap".

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