Lab Fulfillment: What is the minimum resolution requirement for products?

Pixieset sends your full resolution original image along with the original metadatas to our print labs for lab fulfillment orders. 

The recommended DPI setting depends on the chosen lab. For example, WHCC and ProDPI recommend sending in files with 300DPI. But don't worry too much if your image DPI is lower than that or even not set at all. Our partner labs will optimize your image for their printers to ensure excellent quality.

Minimum Resolution
Pixieset's shopping cart for lab fulfillment only shows a product if the original image meets the minimum resolution requirement for that specific size. Note that these resolution requirements are minimums, and we recommend uploading the full resolution files if you are looking to use lab-fulfillment.

Size -- Pixels
8up wallet (2.5x3.5) -- 240x320 
4x6 -- 470x705
5x5 --575x575
5x7 -- 575x805 
8x10 -- 750x935 
8x12 – 750x1125
10x10 -- 925x925
11x14 -- 768x1024 
12x12 -- 1024x1024
12x18 --768x1152    
16x20 -- 1024x1280 
16x24 -- 1024x1536   
20x20 -- 1280x1280   
20x30 -- 1280x1920 
24x30 -- 1536x1920 
24x36 -- 1440x2160 
30x40 -- 1650x2200

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