Lab Fulfillment: Do I Need to Calibrate my Monitor?

Color Calibration
Color calibration is optional but recommended.

For WHCC, you can visit their website here for more information on color calibration -

For ProDPI, you can visit their website here for more information on color calibration

For Loxley Colour, you can visit there website here for more information on colour calibration: -

Order Calibration Prints
You can also order calibration prints on this Pixieset collection. Once you have received your print, you can compare the print to what you see on your monitor and make adjustments accordingly.

Lab Color Correct
We also offer you the ability to turn on auto color correction when using Lab Fulfillment. Unless you have calibrated and profiled your monitor for the chosen lab
, we highly recommend enabling color correction. Our partner labs will correct the entire file and balance for skin tones to match their printers' color profile. 

Enabling color correction increases the cost of each print, but the extra step provides excellent and consistent results, and you may find color correction well worth it.

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