Custom Domain with GoDaddy

This article provides instructions for setting up Custom Domain specifically for configuring your domain in GoDaddy's control panel. These instructions assume you have already registered a domain with GoDaddy. For general instructions, please visit here and for a Video Tutorial click here

Step 1 - Log into your GoDaddy Account

Use the login prompt to login, then hover over your name on the top right and then click the Visit My Account button.

Step 2 - Launch Domain Manager

Click the green Manage button for Domains. Then select your domain and a new tab with open with your Domain Details page.

Step 3 - Create a CNAME record

Click DNS Zone File on the navigation tab above Domain Settings

Click the Add Record button and a new tab will open

Select CNAME (Alias) from the drop-down menu. Under Host, enter the subdomain you want to forward to Pixieset (ex. enter gallery to map Under Points To, enter exactly (exactly as shown here). You DO NOT want to enter Again, enter (exactly as shown here).

Finally, Click Save Zone File in the upper right corner.

Step 4 - Set Up Custom Domain in Pixieset

Log into the Pixieset Dashboard, then go to the Options tab. Enter your custom domain name (e.g. without http://) in the Custom Domain field and hit Save. That's it! Now wait for your DNS propagation and your custom domain mapping is ready.

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