Custom Domain with 1and1

This article provides instructions for setting up Custom Domain specifically for configuring your domain in 1and1's control panel. These instructions assume you have already registered a domain with 1and1. For general instructions, please visit here and for a Video Tutorial click here

Step 1 - Log into your 1and1 Control Panel

Use the login link to login.

Step 2 - Launch Domain Center

Click the Domain Center link under Domains. 

Then select the domain you are trying to map to.

Step 3 - Create a subdomain

Click on the Subdomain Overview on the navigation tab. Then click on New and select Create Subdomain.

Enter the subdomain you want to map to Pixieset. For example, enter proof to map to Pixieset.

Step 4 - Create a CNAME record for the subdomain

You should now see your new subdomain under the subdomain tab. Select the checkbox next to the subdomain, then open Subdomain Settings drop down and select Edit DNS Settings.

You should now be on the DNS Settings page. Select the CNAME radio button under Advanced DNS Settings. Then under Alias, enter 

IMPORTANT: Enter (exactly as shown here) under Alias. Do not enter your Pixieset URL. A popup will then say "No results found.". You can ignore this message.

Finally, click on the checkbox for "I am aware and accept that..." and click the Save Button to save your changes. 

Step 5 - Set Up Custom Domain in Pixieset

Log into the Pixieset Dashboard, then go to the Options tab. Enter the full subdomain URL in the Custom Domain field and hit Save. For example, if you created the CNAME/subdomain name 'proof', you need to enter '' here.

That's it! Now wait for your DNS propagation and your custom domain mapping is ready. DNS changes can typically take up to 48 hours to fully propagate the tin

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