How do I sell Digital Downloads?

How does it work?

Your clients can purchase digital copies of your photos through Pixieset. Here are some quick facts that you should know about:
  • There's no processing fee, no delivery fee. If you are on the Free Account, the commission fee will still apply.
  • Digital download sales are automatically fulfilled for you. We will send your client a download link via email upon purchase.
  • You can sell individual photo download or all photos in the collection
  • You can sell up to three sizes: Original, High Res and Web size. Learn more about file sizes here
  • You can add a Digital Image License
  • You may want to update your Download Settings in the Collection - the Download Status does not need to be "ON" for you to Sell Downloads, and having this "ON" will allow your clients to download their photos for Free if you provide the Download PIN (or disable the PIN requirement). 

When a client purchase "All photos", the client will receive all photos regardless of your Set Download permission settings. For example, you have three sets with one of the Set having download 'Not Allowed'. When an 'All Photos' digital download purchase is made, your client will receive all the photos in the collection including the ones in the Set with download 'Not Allowed'. 

You can also watch a video tutorial by scrolling to the bottom of this page, or clicking here

Adding Digital Downloads to Price Sheets

You can start selling digital downloads by adding Digital Downloads product to one of your price sheets. Go to your Dashboard > Store > Products > Select a Price Sheet and click on "Add Product".

You are able to add Digital Downloads products to both Lab-fulfillment and Self-fulfillment price sheets.

In the Add Product pop-up window, select Digital Download as the product type.

Select the Download Type, Download Size, and set the Price for this Digital Download product.

Once Digital products have been added to your price sheets, your client will be able to see them under the "DIGITAL" category.

Adding a Digital Image License

You can add a Digital Image License for your Store. Your clients will be required to agree to the digital image license before completing the order whenever there is a digital download in the order.

Important: Pixieset provides no warranties for digital image licenses and is not liable for any dispute arising out of any digital image license agreement. Pixieset is also not responsible for enforcing any digital image license agreement.

How will my clients receive the files?

Once your client places the order, they will receive an order confirmation email. Shortly after that, we'll send them another email with a download link (expires in 7 days) to download the photos.


Can I exclude Tax Rules for Digital Downloads?

Yes! You can set up your Store such that tax rates will apply to all products except Digital Downloads. When you are creating or updating tax rules, you will see a Apply to Digital Downloads checkbox.

Video Tutorial

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