How does Client Exclusive Access work?

Client Exclusive Access allows you to give clients special privileges such as viewing hidden sets, and marking photos private.

Why should I use Client Exclusive Access?

There are often photo sets in the collection that your client might not want to share. Using Client Exclusive Access, you can hide selected photo sets from public guests while giving your client full access to the collection. For example, you might want to only share the “Highlights” set from the event with the public, and keep photos from “Getting Ready” exclusive just for your client. You can also give clients the ability to mark photos private in the gallery. Clients can go in and share the collection publicly without worrying about exposing private photos. 


You can find the Client Exclusive Access option under Collection > Privacy > Client Exclusive Access

In the dashboard:

  • Create a password used specifically for Client-access (Note: this should be a different password than the Collection Password if you had one created)
  • Choose which “sets” are visible to the public, and which are for client-only, under Photo Sets Visibility. Note that you cannot make all sets Private. You must have at least one set viewable for the gallery.
  • Choose whether you want the client to have the ability to Mark Photos Private

In the gallery:

  • Visitors can choose to enter gallery as 'Guest' or 'Client'
  • Private photos and photo sets are only visible to 'Client'
  • Guests cannot view, download, or purchase private photos or private sets


Can I set a collection password for guests at the same time?

Yes! The regular collection password will work like normal. You can create a collection password used by regular guests and a separate password for your client only. They will be required to enter the correct password depending on whether they have chosen to enter as 'Guest' or 'Client'.

What happens when Guests purchase "All Photos Download" or use the 4-digit download PIN?

Those who are accessing the collection as Guests and purchasing All Photos Download or using the 4-digital download PIN will not receive any photos in the private sets. In another words, only those who log in as Clients can purchase or download photos in private sets.

Can my Clients select what images they want hidden? 

Yep! You can enable the “Allow Clients to Mark Photos Private” option to allow your clients to mark any photos they do not want viewed by their guests as “private”. This can be done by either hovering over the photo and selecting the eye icon, or enlarging the image and selecting to mark the photo private. 

You will be able to track what photos your clients have marked as private by going to Collection > Activity Feed > Private Photo Activity. You are able to make adjustments to the Private Photo List. You will be able to remove the photos from the hidden status by selecting “unhide”.

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