Photo Resizing and Sharpening


When your photos are uploaded to Pixieset, we store your original file and we resize your photo to a number of display sizes. The original file is used for Download and Store fulfillment, while the display sizes are used for optimal display across desktop and mobile devices.


Anytime an image is resized or down-sampled, the image will lose sharpness (soften). The typical way to remedy this is to sharpen the photo after resizing. 

By default, Pixieset will automatically apply 'Optimal' sharpening to the display sizes. Your originals are not altered. The 'Optimal' sharpening level is a compromise between portrait photographers who prefer softer photos, and landscape photographers who prefer sharper photos.

You also have the option to choose None, Low or High for the level of sharpening applied to your photos. This will give you better control on how you want your display sizes to look on the web. Turning sharpening off (None) is not recommended since your photos will very likely look softened. You can find the Sharpening Level option under the Options page. 

Note: Any changes to the Sharpening Level is only applied to images you upload moving forward. They do not alter photos uploaded in the past.

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