Sorting Photos in Your Collection

After you have uploaded your images, you can sort all your images at once:
  • by filename (A to Z, Z to A)
  • by date uploaded (Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest)
  • by date taken (Oldest to Newest, Newest to Oldest)
  • random
In the right corner, click on the Sort button to arrange your images.

Arranging a single image by drag and drop:

You can also move a single image by clicking and holding crosshairs found in the top left corner of the thumbnail image.  This is a drag and drop function that allows you to move the image anywhere within the set.

Arranging multiple images by drag and drop:

To select multiple images, you can click to select multiple images.  You can also click anywhere on the thumbnail image, left click and drag to select multiple images. Once you have multiple images selected, you can drag and drop the entire group by clicking and holding the crosshair of a photo.

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