How do I add Pixieset to my Website?

There are a bunch of ways to integrate your Pixieset Homepage with your existing website. 

I just want to put a Link on my Website

The easiest way to link your Pixieset Homepage to your personal website is to post a link. Your personal Homepage link will be Your Pixieset Homepage link allows you to share directly to your blog and blog posts, Facebook Page, or Navigation Links located on your website. 

How to add my Pixieset Homepage as a Navigation Link 

Adding Pixieset to your website can be done by creating a navigation link or tab linking to your Pixieset HomepageThere is no coding required, no widgets or embedding involved, simple! If you maintain your own website, you can easily do this yourself. If not, check in with your developer, or your website software company as ask them to add a new navigation link for you! 

When my Clients are visiting my Pixieset I want it to appear like they have never left my Website. I do not want "Pixieset" to be visible in my URL. 

To have it appear like your clients have never left your website when viewing your Pixieset Homepage, or Galleries, you can add a Custom Domain to your Pixieset account. 

When using a custom domain, your Pixieset Homepage can be found at a custom URL of your choosing, such as or, rather than 

More information on setting up a custom domain is available here.

I don't actually have a Website. 

That's okay! You can simply just point your clients to your Pixieset Homepage (, if you wish to customize your URL to remove "Pixieset" from the title, you can do so by adding a custom domain. 

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