How do I get paid for client orders?

First of all, congratulations on your first sale!

How your payments are handled will depend on the payment method, or methods, you have chosen for your Store.



For orders that were processed by Stripe, you will receive the proceeds from sale (minus any applicable cost of goods sold and fees) in your Stripe account immediately after the sale. Stripe will transfer funds directly into your bank account on 2-day rolling basis (might take up to 7 days for your first transfer). There are no minimum cash out requirements, no need to request for a cash out, and no cash out fees.

You will be able to view all payment and transfer details in your Stripe dashboard. To access your stripe dashboard, log in via, or click on Store > Checkout > Edit (beside Stripe) > Go to Stripe Dashboard in your Pixieset dashboard.

In your Stripe dashboard, you can click on Payments to view a history of your transactions.

You can also click on the Transfers tab to view pending Transfers from Stripe.


PayPal Express Checkout

For orders that were processed by PayPal. You will received the total amount of sale in your PayPal account immediately after the order has been placed. The cost of goods sold and any applicable fees will be taken directly from your PayPal account following the sale. You can view all the details in your PayPal dashboard.

If you have enabled Offline Payment as one of the payment option, no payment will be collected at the time order is placed. You are able to arrange other alternative payment methods with your clients directly (such as cash payment, checks etc.)

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