Lab Fulfillment: How do I add new Lab-fulfillment products?

You can sell a number of lab-fulfillment products via the Pixieset lab-fulfillment price sheet. Here is how to add more products to your existing price sheet.

1.  Under the Store Tab  > Products > click on the Price Sheet that you would like to add more products into. 

Click on the + Add Product button at the top:

2.  From the popup screen you will want to select Print, this will open a new screen, which allows you to select all the items you would like to add to your price sheet. You can select from prints to wall decor items! Once you've checked the box beside the item you wish to add click Save Changes. 

How do I edit the price of my product?

There are two ways to edit the price of your product: Bulk Markup and Edit Price Individually.

Bulk Markup
Under the price sheet that you would like to edit, click on the Bulk Markup button.  You can select a percentage mark up to apply towards all products listed in the price sheet.  You can also set a rounding price setting to the products.  

The bulk markup will not adjust price of Digital Downloads or your self fulfilled items.

Edit Price Individually
If you would like to edit the price on a single product click on the edit tool beside the product in your price sheet.  The price that you edit is the sale price your clients will be purchasing the product for.  

Your sale price cannot be set lower than the wholesale cost.

How do I arrange the order of the product?

You have the ability to arrange the order of the products shown on the Pixieset gallery. You can mouse over the product to drag and drop the item in sequence.

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