How do I sell print/digital packages?

Packages allow you to set one price for a group of products (physical, digital or both) that you would like to sell together. It makes choosing products easy and simple for clients, and also offers a great incentive for clients to buy more from your Store as you add bundle savings.

You can watch a Video Tutorial on how to create packages by clicking here or by scrolling to the bottom of this post!

 Creating a Package:

1. Go to the Product tab and Select the Price Sheet you would like to add Packages to.

2. Click on the + Add Product button at the top right corner.

3. Select Print/Digital Packages for the Product Type.

4.  Fill in the information and select the products you would like to include in this package:

Package Name and Description: These will be shown to the client to help them decide the best package to choose from. We automatically fill in the items of products below so you do not need to write them out yourself.

Price/Cost: Set a total price for this package. If you are using a lab-fulfillment price sheet, as you are adding the products below, the cost of prints will be tallied up and shown in the Cost box (yes we are that fast!), so it is easier for you to price your packages.

Choose Products: Note the products you wish to add to the package must be existing products in the same price sheet. You cannot have standalone packages without the corresponding individual product items.

Allow this package to be added multiple times per cart: this option will allow your client to purchase this specific package as many time as they'd like. By default, the limit for purchasing a package is one (1).

Click on Add, and you are done!

This Package will appear in the first section on this Price sheet. You can click to expand and view the details of this package:


What does my client see when they buy packages?

When your client click on the Cart icon to purchase, they will see the packages options you have set up as the first category. They can click on the package row to see what's included in the package:

Click the 'Add to Cart' button to add this package to Cart. Then they can select the photos to go into this package and the corresponding product item. They can select from the collection, or their Favorites (if applicable):

Clients do not have to finish building this package all at once. They can go back to the gallery, view more images, and complete this package at a later time. Simply click on the Select Photo link next to the Package to go back to selection mode:

Once they are happy with their selection, they can simply click on Checkout to buy!

By default, your clients will only be able to add one (1) of every package to their Pixieset Shopping Cart. However, if you'd like to offer them the ability to purchase multiples of the same package, simply select this option when you're creating it: 

Video Tutorial: How to Create Packages for your Pixieset Store

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