How does my client share or download his/her favorited images?

Once clients have compiled a list of their favorite images, they can easily view, share, or download them from the gallery (if these options are enabled).

Clients can navigate to the Favorite list by clicking on the "heart" icon at the top right corner of the gallery. After clicking into a favorite list, clients will see the available options at the right side of the navigation bar.

Share Favorites:

Client can click on the "plane" icon to bring up the list of Sharing options:

Email Favorites: This option gives clients the ability to email favorites to a specific email address or addresses.
Send to Photographer: Clients can use this option to notify you after they are done with their selection.
Get Link: This option will provide clients with the direct link to share this favorite list.

Download Favorites:

Clients can click on the download icon at the top right corner to bring up the download options:

They will be brought to the download page, where they can enter their email address, along with the 4-digit download PIN (this is the same PIN used for gallery download), to generate the download.

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