How do I give a specific number of digital downloads for free?

Offering a specific number of photos as digital downloads for free is a very common workflow. There are a number of ways to achieve this. You can create a coupon for these downloads and ask your client to purchase them through your store (this will also allow you to charge for any additional products they wish to purchase). If you do not have Store activated, you can do this by using the Favorite feature, and simply send them their selections by email.

Option 1: I want to give them a specific number of downloads for free, while allowing them to purchase additional products.

  1. Make sure you have an activated Store
  2. Add Digital Download products to your price sheet.
  3. Go to Store > Coupon and create a Giveaway Coupon for the amount of digitals included within their package. Let's say you are offering 10 digital downloads for free, you would select the Price Sheet you are using, and add 10 individual downloads as the giveaway. You should also set the Max Redemption to 1 to avoid this coupon being used multiple times.
  4. Share this coupon code with your client for them to use. When your client enters the coupon code, they will get 10 digitals for free. Any additional products they have in their cart will be charged at the normal price.

Note: If you are on the Free account, you will still be charged the 15% commission fee on the Order Subtotal - before the discount has been applied. In this case, you may want to consider Option 2 below instead! 

Option 2: I want to send my client a specific number of downloads for free.

  1. Have your client pick out their Favorites
  2. Once they are done, they can notify you via email or the Favorite sharing feature.
  3. Go to your Dashboard to see their Favorite Activity
  4. When you are ready, click on More > Send as Download
  5. Enter your clients' email address, write a custom message (optional) and select a download size.
  6. Your client will receive a download link for their Favorites shortly
*Note: The Collection Download PIN is not required for your client to download their favorites this way. They will receive a direct download link to download their files.

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