How do I upload from Lightroom?

The Pixieset Lightroom plug-in allows you to further streamline your upload workflow. If you have not downloaded and installed the plug-in, please follow the steps here to Install the Lightroom Plug-in.

Uploading from Lightroom:

  1. To create a new gallery, right-click on a gallery under the Pixieset Publish Service and select "Create Collection...". 

  2. A "Highlights" set will be created just like how it is on Pixieset. You can create more sets by right-click on the gallery, and select "Create Set...".

    The naming convention is customized to mirror what you would see on Pixieset: A collection (i.e. Wedding) can contain multiple sets (i.e. Ceremony, Reception etc.).

  3. When you are ready to upload. Simply drag the images from your Lightroom library to the desired sets on the left. You can only upload images to a "set" within the collection, just like on Pixieset.

  4. Select the collection/set you wish to upload, and click Publish to start the uploading process. You can upload a set at a time, or the entire collection all at once. Any new collection/set will be created on Pixieset as you publish.

Viewing and Organizing:

  • After the upload is finished, right click on the gallery, and click "Show on Pixieset Dashboard" to view this collection in your Pixieset dashboard.

    Keep in mind that this collection will be in "Preview" mode. You can select a cover photo, publish, and share with clients from your Pixieset dashboard from there. 

  • When you make edits to the published (uploaded) images in Lightroom, Lightroom recognizes these changes and will mark these images for re-publish. Click to Publish these images for the changes to reflect on Pixieset.

  • When you remove images that are published (uploaded), the images will not be deleted from Pixieset. They will only be removed from your local Lightroom collection.

  • You can synchronize your gallery structure in Lightroom with how it appears on Pixieset at any time. Right click on Pixieset and click "Edit Settings...", and click the "Sync Now" button under Pixieset Settings. 

    This is useful if you have moved collections/sets around in Lightroom and simply want a refresh. Note: "Sync Now" will only attempt to sync your gallery structure (collection/set names), any photos uploaded/removed will not be synced.


  1. What versions of Lightroom does this Plug-in support?
  2. This plug-in is supported on Mac OS X 10.9, Windows 7 and above; Lightroom 4 and above.

  3. What happens when I rename the collections/sets in Lightroom?
  4. The changes will be reflect on Pixieset right away. If you have made changes on Pixieset (outside of Lightroom), you will need to go to "Edit Settings..." and click on "Sync Now" to update these changes in Lightroom.

  5. What happens when I delete the collections/sets in Lightroom?
  6. The deletion will not reflect on Pixieset. Your collections and images will remain on Pixieset, they will simply be removed from your local Lightroom collection. If you have deleted collections or sets on Pixieset, you can choose to keep or delete these from your Lightroom when you "Sync gallery structure".

  7. What do I do if I receive the error 'File is too large'?

    You will need to go to "Edit Settings..." and under "File Settings" > "Limit File Size To", enter 51200. This will limit the photo filesize exported from Lightroom to be under 50MB.

  8. How do I update my Lightroom plug-in?
  9. If you have selected "Automatically check for updates", Lightroom will prompt you whenever there's an update available. You can also manually update/check for updates by going to File > Plug-in Manager...

  10. What is new in the latest update?
  11. Version 1.0.4
    - Bug fix for Collection default settings
    - Duplicate filename detection enhancements

    Version 1.0.3
    - Support for Collection Defaults
    - Ability to change Collection watermark setting within Lightroom
    - Bug fixes

    Version 1.0.2
    - Allows photo deletions in Lightroom to be reflected on Pixieset
    - Support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems

    Version 1.0.1
    - Allows virtual copies to be published

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