What is My Pixieset Homepage?

Your Pixieset Homepage is where your Public Published collections are available to the be viewed by the public. 

Your Pixieset homepage is available at: yourusername.pixieset.com. From your dashboard, you can click on the Profile icon at the top right > My Homepage to easily access your homepage. It will look similar to this:

Only your Published collections will be accessible from your Pixieset Homepage. If you wish to not have your collections visible on your Pixieset Homepage you can do the following to restrict their access. 

Change the Collection Status from Published to Hidden 

You can change the status of your collection on your Collections Page by clicking the Settings Button (located on the bottom right of the collection) and Selecting Quick Edit, from there you will be able to adjust the status of the collection. 

Please note, when you change a collections Status to Hidden, only you will be able to view this collection, those you share the Direct URL with will only be able to see Published collections. 

How do I hide a Collection, but still be able to Share it? 

Simply go to the collection you wish to hide > Collection Settings. Under Homepage Visibility change the setting from "Show" to "Hide" and click "Save Changes".  This will allow you to still share your collection VIA Direct Link, but keep it hidden from your Pixieset Homepage. 

How Do I Hide My Pixieset Homepage From The Public? 

If you wish to hide your entire Pixieset Homepage from the Public you can place a Password  on your Homepage. Only you, and those you share your password with will be able to view your Homepage. 

To add a password to your Pixieset Homepage simply go to your account Options, from there you will be able to set a Password of your choice. 

Important Note: Adding a homepage password does NOT add a password to your collections. 


You can add tags to your collection, which will help your clients search your collections easier. More information on Homepage Tags is available here.

Custom URL 

If you wish to customize your Pixieset Homepage URL, click here for more information on setting up custom domains with Pixieset. 

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