Self-Fulfillment: How To Offer Albums and other Multi-Image Items

There are a few ways you can offer your clients Albums through your Pixieset Store! However, keep in mind, Pixieset does not carry Albums currently, so these will be Self-Fulfillment Items. You can also use these practices for any multi-image items, such as tryptic frames, or collages. 

Option 1: Lab Fulfillment Price Sheet  

On your Lab-Fulfillment Price Sheet you simply need to create a Self-Fulfill Item titled, for example, "Album 10 x 10". Your clients will be able to select and purchase this item from the price sheet without selecting what images they want within the Album. Once your clients have purchased the Album you can ask them to go back into the Collection and Favourite what images they would like to be displayed in their Album.

Once they have selected their Favourites you will be able to access the information from your Favourite Activity Panel, you can also download a list of the names to your computer or Lightroom Catalogue. From there you can continue to Self-Fulfill the Album Order. 

More information about Favourites can be found here.

Option 2: Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet

On a Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet, go to Add Product and select add Package. Once you have selected this you can name the Package "Album". You will be able to select the amount of images needed to go in the Album. From there your clients will be able to assign the images to the amount of "products" within the Album Package. 

Step One:

To offer an Album on your Self-Fulfilment Price Sheet simply click Add Product and Select Digital/Print Packages:

Step Two:

Enter all the information that is specific for the Album you wish to offer your clients: 

For this example we are offering an Album that contains 20 images within the Album. To accomplish this we have selected a 4 x 6 product, and set the Package to include 20 of them. This will allow your client to select all 20 images that they would like to be displayed in their Album.

Note: The size you select does not actually matter. It will not affect the image/final product size. This acts as a guide to allow your clients to select all their desired images. 

Once you have completed the Album Package simply click Add and it will be available for purchase on you Clients End!

What Does It Look Like For Our Clients?

Once your client has selected to buy an image the list of Products will pop up for them. From there they will be able to select the Album Package Product, which will look like:

Once your clients have selected to add this product to their cart they will be prompted to select all 20 images they wish to associate with their Album, this will be displayed as:

Once they have selected all 20 of their desired images they can simply click "Done"; your client will be able to either check out or continue shopping. 

Once your Clients have completed the checkout process, you will be informed that you have received a New Order. The Order Details will display all the selected images for the Album. You will be able to use this list for your reference when Self-Fulfilling the Album Order with the company of your choice.

Note: We do not recommend using this method for Lab-Fulfillment Price Sheets. 

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