How to resend Digital Downloads for an Order

If you wish to resend your clients their Digital Download Link for an order, you can easily do so directly from your Pixieset Store Dashboard! 

Here is how to Resend the Digital Download Link

Step One:

Go into your Pixieset Store and select the Order Number you wish to resend the Digital Download Link for.

Step Two:

Select the More dropdown menu, this will allow you to select the "Resend Download Link" option.

Once you click Resend Download Link, you will receive a popup asking you to confirm if you wish to Resend the Link, simply click okay to continue. 

Step Three:

You will receive a confirmation popup to let you know that you have successfully initiated the Download Link. 

Your clients should receive a new Digital Download link to the original E-Mail address entered on the order. The new Digital Download Link can take up to a few minutes to be delivered.

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