How to Create/Upload Images Into a Collection

Creating a Collection, and uploading images into the Collection is very easy, and can be done in a few simple steps!

Here is how to Create and Upload images into a Collection:

Step One:
Create a Collection from your Pixieset Dashboard. To do this simply select "+ New Collection".

Once you've selected to create a new Collection, a popup will prompt you to select all desired information you would like to enter for the Collection. You can set the Collection Name, Date, Add A Watermark, as well as set more advanced customized Options.

Step Two:
Once you've selected "Create Collection" you will be able to add images into the Collection, by clicking "+ Add Photos".

You can also adjust the Collection Settings by checking out the additional highlighted areas in the above image. Once you've selected the images you wish to upload, click Open. Your images will begin Uploading.

You've now successfully created a Collection! When you're ready for your Clients to see their Collection, simply Press "Publish" and then share the Collection with them!

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