How do the Labs get Paid?

Pixieset's partnered Labs get paid automatically in one of two ways. 

Option One:

The Cost of Good's Sold will be pulled directly from the transaction. Once an Order is placed on your Store, Pixieset will pull the cost of the prints, and shipping (paid by your client), directly from your Order and forward the funds onto the Lab to cover the COGS. The remainder (your Profit) will be deposited into your account. 

Option Two:

If you are selling in missed matched currencies from our Lab i.e. CAD instead of USD. Or if you have supplied your client with a Coupon, and there is not enough funds available for the COGS from the total of the transaction, then Pixieset will charge your on file credit card. Once we have charged your CC we will pass the funds on to the Lab. In this case, the entire transaction will be deposited into your account. 

The same method is followed if you wish to add boutique packaging to your clients orders as well. 

Please Note: You will be able to receive an invoice for all funds pulled from your credit card. 

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