Everything you need to know about Self-Fulfillment

Pixieset offers both Lab-Fulfillment and Self-Fulfillment options! If you're interested in Self-Fulfilling all your Orders placed through Pixieset here is exactly how to accomplish this, as well as what the experience will be like on your end. 

Step One: 
Create a Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet

To create a Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet, you will need to go to Store > Products > Add Price Sheet and select Self-Fulfillment.

You will be prompted with a new popup to enter all the desired information for your Price Sheet.

Once you've filled out all the desired information for your Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet, you can simply hit save. You will be brought to a new window, which will allow you to begin adding products and adjusting their prices. 

Step Two:
Add products to your Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet. 

You can select to have your Price Sheet pre-populated with common products. 

If you wish to add additional products to the Price Sheet, you can select Add Product. You will need to select what kind of product you're interested in adding. Or, If you wish to adjust an already added product you can simply select the Green Pencil to make the adjustment. A popup will appear for you to adjust any information. 

Next you will be able to enter all desired information for that specific product. 

Step Three:
You will need to attach the Self-Fulfillment Price Sheet directly to your Collections. Once the Price Sheet is attached to your Collections, your clients will be able to place Orders directly from your Store. 

What does it look like/what do I do once an Order is placed?

When an Order is placed on your Store you will receive both a notification on your Pixieset Dashboard, and have an E-Mail notification directly sent to you.  
Once you go into the Order it will list all available information in regards to the specific Order. 

You will have access to the Billing, Shipping, and all product/images Ordered, as well as a breakdown of the Cost's. 

Step Four:
Place the Order directly with your Lab.

Once you receive all the necessary information for the Order, you will now need to directly place it with the Lab of your choice. To make this easier you're able to download a .CVS file, or a Lightroom Copy List. You can initiate this process by going to Export Filenames. 

The CVS file will display the File Name, Product Order, and the Quantity of the Product. 

Step Five:
Update the Status of the Order.

Self-Fulfillment Orders will not be automatically updated like the Lab-Fulfillment Orders. You will need to manually go into the Self-Fulfillment Order and manually Update the Order Status. You can easily do this by selecting Status. 

Pending = Order has been received by Photographer
Processing = Order has been placed with Lab, and is being printed.
Completed = The Order has been completed and has been shipped to the Client. 
Canceled = The Order has been canceled. 

Step Six:
You've successfully completed a Self-Fulfillment Order! Pat yourself on the back. 

Please Note:
This process is the same for any Self-Fulfillment Products on a Lab-Fulfillment Price Sheet. You will be able to access the same information, as well as mark the Status of the Self-Fulfillment item. 

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